Monday, 22 March 2010

Do single people cram their lives full?

"Sadness is beautiful, loneliness is tragical."

Backstreet Boys, circa 2000

For those of you who don't know me, I'm being ironic here quoting a boy band, but I do think they have a point... I've noticed the differences in my life when I'm with boy and without. It's nothing to do with having time for friends (if you're a good mate you'll be there single or not).

Single people, from my observations, seem to have endless plans over the weekend and are out every night (I put myself in this category) whereas coupled up are good to chill at home even if it's alone or spend the weekend without their other half happy in the knowledge someone else out there is thinking about them.

Of course, being party girl or party boy is fun and interesting but is it some sort of cover up? A mirage to mask the loneliness that comes with not having anyone to say good night to, or to moan to or to care how your day was.

There aren't any prospects of dates on the horizon and I've already started jamming my life so full I can hardly think and I worry in some way it's because I want to hide the loneliness. Of course lots of people revel in singledom but a little part of me says if you're single you're most likely to be heartbroken pining after someone else or lonely, avoiding thinking about being without a special someone.

Right, best call the girls for a drink. Don't wanna sit at home alone tonight with my ready meal.

Friday, 5 March 2010

I think my ‘boyfriend’ is cheating

Lipstick on his collar – oh how easy it was in the 50s to spot a scoundrel. He’d be home late from work, he’s smell of another woman’s perfume and you wouldn’t be able to say anything about it, ok, maybe it wasn’t so easy. But this week’s dilemma would be so much easier to solve 60 years ago, I’d just shut up and take it.

Instead I’m a noughties girl even though I classify myself a single lady a la Beyonce’s track (yes I have danced in my pants to it with a hairbrush.) I ‘stumbled’ across a pic of another girl on the guy I’m seeing’s phone. And when I say stumbled I do actually mean it. I have nosed in another’s phone before but this time we were looking at his pics together.

Up popped the inevitable, a girl in her underwear who wasn’t me. I swallowed my insecurity at that point and said how pretty she was. Which btw didn’t invite him to tell me she was a) a model b) shortlisted as an FHM honey and c) his friend.

She’d text him ‘asking’ him to vote which I understood – but why keep the pic if it wasn’t going to be used in the something-I-won’t-say bank? I get it but just don’t like to know about it.

It wasn’t until the token guy in my office overheard my moaning that he piped up and said if it’s something to hide, he’d have deleted it. Is that the case? If you’re having a read, please comment and tell me your thoughts!