Friday, 5 March 2010

I think my ‘boyfriend’ is cheating

Lipstick on his collar – oh how easy it was in the 50s to spot a scoundrel. He’d be home late from work, he’s smell of another woman’s perfume and you wouldn’t be able to say anything about it, ok, maybe it wasn’t so easy. But this week’s dilemma would be so much easier to solve 60 years ago, I’d just shut up and take it.

Instead I’m a noughties girl even though I classify myself a single lady a la Beyonce’s track (yes I have danced in my pants to it with a hairbrush.) I ‘stumbled’ across a pic of another girl on the guy I’m seeing’s phone. And when I say stumbled I do actually mean it. I have nosed in another’s phone before but this time we were looking at his pics together.

Up popped the inevitable, a girl in her underwear who wasn’t me. I swallowed my insecurity at that point and said how pretty she was. Which btw didn’t invite him to tell me she was a) a model b) shortlisted as an FHM honey and c) his friend.

She’d text him ‘asking’ him to vote which I understood – but why keep the pic if it wasn’t going to be used in the something-I-won’t-say bank? I get it but just don’t like to know about it.

It wasn’t until the token guy in my office overheard my moaning that he piped up and said if it’s something to hide, he’d have deleted it. Is that the case? If you’re having a read, please comment and tell me your thoughts!


  1. If you had anything to worry about, he would have deleted that photo. and he sure as hell wouldn't have let you see it. You really don't need to fret. xx

  2. Honesty and openness goes a long way. The fact he was pretty upfront about it implies he's not worried about you finding out, which in turn implies that there's nothing going on, he just likes the photo.

  3. love the new layout! and as a girl, i totally understand you not wanting to see a picture of a half-naked mare on his phone. oh, and if it was the just know he'd have passed it off as mother-dearest x

  4. This blog looks beautiful now! And yeah, I agree with the others. In this kinda situation, you'd be aware of potential embarressment/hurt/grief. So you'd avoid the picture, or delete it.

    You have nothing to worry about. But more especially as the inverted commas around 'boyfriend' imply a certain detachment anyway. Enjoy yourself, sista.