Friday, 26 February 2010

I fancy a man with no morals

Uh oh the bad boys are back. After having my final fix of Mr Wrongs I thought I'd kicked my addiction to them. I'd had my heart pulled to pieces for (what I thought was) the final time last summer, vowing to meet the nice guys. And I did until he left me and only now and I'm starting to meet newbies and with it rediscover my addiction.

I was either lucky or unlucky enough to spend today in a room with 20 men and no one else. Obviously, I used this as ample opportunity to scourer for sexies. And boom, did one strike my eye! Silver fox, piercing peepers and that laid back business boy arrogance. YUMMY.

Throughout our meeting he unveiled himself - he runs a dating website for people who want to have extra marital affairs. This made him that bit more sexier to me, gasp. But it really did. Yes, I am asking for trouble and do deserve it but I fancied him before I knew - grrrr.

Well, I was good, we had a polite chat in the lift and that was it. A lucky escape... or I least I'm telling myself I think.

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