Monday, 22 February 2010

The (unlikely) knight in shining armour

As far as fairytales go, I've started to realise, evil witches exist as do princesses and the frogs most certainly do. But as for the prince I'm still searching although this weekend I didn't have to look too far...

There's a place for the good guy in chick lit and shows like Sex And The City, he's the one in the background who steps into the foreground after the drama and bad boy leaves. In the real world the good guys are obvious but we never fancy them but I'm not annoyed instead I'm rather thankful...

On Saturday my best friend threw a party where one of my best and straight male guy friends was doing the dj-ing. Unlike the last man in my life who got paid more in one night then I do in a month to play some records, this friend is a talented jockey who rides notes like a surfer does waves but ironically doesn't make any money.

When the bar called to say they'd messed up and their decks wouldn't work so we'd be without music for a party I called my pal to tell him the bad news. Not only did he drive down there, buy a new cable and sort the entire saga out he also played until 3am for free knowing just two people at the party. And all because he was my friend.

It reminded me of something very important - to stop stressing about the bad man and focus on the good ones, even if I may not fancy them I can still let them play the knight in shining armour and you know what, it felt fabulous, more than any man I've fancied could make me feel.

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  1. That dude was a total legend. I was the first person to arrive and if he hadn't been so friendly I'd have felt lost!

    Although I have to admit I thought he was gay. I think it was the nail varnish. Lovely to see you :) x