Wednesday, 21 April 2010

How I got over my ex

I’ve two confessions I’ve been a bad blogger and not written in a month and I’ve also chartered into dating territory again. After hopping in and out of meeting men, seeing an ex and unstitching past wounds I’ve managed to drop off some excess baggage and although I thought it would be tears forever, I’ve actually emerged excited.

The other day I did something I hadn’t done since I was a full time singleton, I got drunk on Pimms with the girls in the day, then went up to a guy I thought was hot and gave him my number. He was stunned, I was stunned and what was most stunning is that we went on a date.

Nerves couldn’t cover it, I panicked wondering, would I be funny, intelligent and interesting. After annoying everyone who would listen, me and my butterflies met this new guy who seamlessly marries rough London boy persona with high flying career. My worries were unfounded, we’ve hit date number 3 already.

And that’s not all, my surge of confidence ensured I had an amazing night with some friends at the weekend and was so relaxed and happy the man we’d all been drooling over in the bar came over to me. And yes, I’m double dating, I’m seeing him this week too.

Now some may think I’m bragging, I hope I’m not. After being rejected by a mean man again I’m just fully embracing the fact that when your heart is still mending there’s no harm in helping it heal with some fun.

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