Thursday, 7 January 2010

Another one bites the dust

As I enter into the ages where the big 3-0 now seems young, and being 21 feels like childhood, I’ve noticed more of my mates shunning the single scene.

Another day, another picture on Facebook of girls sporting rocks on their left hands. What shocked me most is that my fave party partner, who was always up for fun, mid-week, afternoon or mid-morning has left me. Where did she go?

We spent our time dancing on tables, in taxis on the streets. I’d call her at midnight and we’d go out. Men moved to her like a magnet because she was tonnes of fun, gorgeous and a really nice person. She would know someone who had a table at X,Y and Z establishment and we drunk our early twenties away.

I loved man hunting with her and I always thought she’d be around to party with.

Then suddenly it stopped. She met a man, moved in with him, and yesterday told me she’s engaged. Excellent, just as I’m in need of some attention of the male variety she, the one who never let me down leaves singlesville for good…


  1. Shouldn't you be happy for your friend if this is what she wants? Your blog paints a picture of a superficial, selfish individual who appears to think she's Carrie Bradshaw.

    It's also ironic that someone at such pains to highlight how much they love the single lifestyle is so utterly obsessed with men. Grow up.

  2. WOW. Your ex by any chance????

    Don't be fooled by the man eating exterior, Anonymous. she's a sweetheart really. she just hides it well ;)