Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Risking it all for romance

Last night sat on a plane a rare thing happened. A good looking man spoke to me.

Ok, it was only to ask how he got to London Bridge from Heathrow but I still blushed, tossed my tresses in delight and practically wrote a dissertation on London night life on his sheet of A4. He kept asking me questions though...

Mid-blush I had to ask myself, should I give him my number and tell him I'll play tour guide and he can play hot Aussie (not that he'd have to act at all) or just ignore it?

Logic reared it's ugly head:
1. He's too good looking likely to cheat
2. He's in town for 5 days what can really happen
3. He lives the other side of the world

Where has my 'sod it' attitude gone? Has my man hunt made me so cynical I'm avoiding all risk... isn't that the point of romance.

So tonight, I sign off regretful, wish I'd asked for his number!


  1. Speaking as a man, when a girl asks for your phone number it's dead flattering!

    Something to do with the expectation being on the guy to make a move, combined with the undeniable sense of validation which comes with getting hit on! Just DO IT twomey! :) xx

  2. PS - You don't have to be good looking to cheat...

  3. I knew you'd regret not popping your number on that essay of yours - told you so! x